We all live behind a mask… or two… kept on the shelf in the dressing room or closet.

Hi there! I’m a Senior Career Transition (and Retirement) Consultant by day, aspiring photographer by night, with a private practice as a transition magician. I live in the cloud, tethered in Portland OR, have a great dog named Z, and I like helping dreams see the light of day. (But not gettin’ caught in the rain.)

…on another level

I am author, poet, professor, word weaver, gardener… and have been providing quality soul searching to the public ever since more than a few years and professions ago. Although my head is not in the cloud, I do reside in the cloud and advocate creating cloud dust.

Have fun! curmudjohn_b

“What do you do?”
When asked one morning in conversation with several aviation industry professionals at a local coffee shop, I replied, “I teach people to fly”—from one job (endeavor) to the next!

Words have wings—the words we say to ourselves and the words we say to others.

I re-language folks to use words that give them lift. Words Have Wings!



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